The Reid Neubert Award

Reid Neubert founded CouncilONE Advisors (formerly Council of Business Advisors) in 2007 as a member-run organization of trusted advisors with the core belief that good business is rooted in valued relationships, not transactional accountability. He cultivated an atmosphere of positive engagement and camaraderie where the sharing of business ideas, mutual support, and increased commerce became the natural biproducts of membership in the organization. To honor Reid’s legacy, the Reid Neubert Award was created posthumously in 2017 to recognize members who uplift CouncilONE, foster positive collaboration, and improve the member experience.

He was a dear friend to many charter members and an avid sailor, which is why the tangible Reid Neubert Award is a leucite statue in the shape of a sailboat’s main sail. His sailing experiences took him to Hawaii, Caribbean, Greek Islands, Mediterranean, and Tahiti. His love for sailing brought him into contact with the non-profit Blue Water Foundation of San Francisco and he often took underprivileged children on their first sailing experiences -something that brought him tremendous joy. 

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