About CouncilONE

CouncilONE Advisors is a professional networking association for experienced consultants and advisors to expand their business acumen, resources, knowledge, commerce, and influence. Founded in 2007, CouncilONE is a member-driven and -managed organization. Each group is led by members and the Board of Directors is made up of active members from each of the five groups.   

The value our members receive is through the cultivation of trusted peer relationships, which make for stronger professional bonds and ultimately results in more leads, referrals, clients, and opportunities to identify the right resources to help their clients grow. Click here to find advisors to help you grow your business.

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

CouncilONE has five groups that meet monthly in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are no direct competitors in each group, giving members the chance to be the only person in their group who does what they do.

Members of CouncilONE are welcome to visit all the other groups as often as they want. We limit the size of each group to 20-25 members to maintain the close-touch opportunity to connect and we plan to add more groups as our existing groups reach our ideal limit.  

CouncilONE members get to know each other outside our monthly meetings in "trios" - breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner - and social events held in various spots around the bay. Outside these events, CouncilONE members seek the advice and expertise of other members and ultimately build trust, refer business, share new opportunities, and help each other grow. 

Monthly meetings are designed to learn about each person's expertise, discuss current business trends, and share relevant information to help members stay on top of key issues affecting business today. Each meeting features a presentation, round table discussion, case study analysis or timely topic.

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